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There is a slight misconception it's about a year, but it's not.

'69' has nothing to do about a year, it has to do with a sexual position...

So whenever his phone would ring when I was with him I would start singing the song(just being my cheesy self).

I am 14 years old and I just found out about this stupid 69 position... WHAT IS WRONG WITH THESE SONGS WITH HIDDEN MASSAGES.

You'd have to be pretty thick in the ears if you couldn't get that lyric". Because Bryan Adams would have been only 9 or 10 years old during the Summer of '69, it is unlikely that that was the actual year, but I have trouble believing that it would be in reference to the sexual position.

Bryan must have spotted me when I spotted him because by the time I ran to get my Dad they were nowhere to be seen.

I'm beginning to think a formative aged Bryan elusive,cant be caught, always on the run strictly private nature could have stemmed from these events In this interview he plainly tells what it's about.

I mean, the summer of a sexual position just doesn't sound right. Oh, when i look back now, the SUMMER seemed to last forever, and if i had the chose, Yeah i'd want to be there, those were the beat DAYS of my life. I don't see why it's such a big deal what it's about.

All those words in upper case meant it can't be a sexual positions. it starts in black in white becuase they didn't have colour vidoes back then to give it more of an impact, then goes to colour for the 80's. If you like the song, listen to it; don't sit around b*tching about what other people say it's is a gr8 song n always remain one...matter wat meaning people attach to it...a matter of concern the theme clearly goes in favour of the wave of nostalgia...! Maybe Bryan WAS only 9 years old in 1969 BUT, maybe this stuff happened to him in 1979 (when he was 19, which would make more sense) and he just changed it to '69 because it fit with the musicality and the amount of syllables.

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Let me break it down: In the first verse, he remembers his first real musical experience, how he tried to pursue it, but the others weren't as passionate as he was.

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