Virtual adult chatbot

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Virtual adult chatbot

Many (41%) consumers don’t expect in-store discounts to exceed 30% this holiday season and 32% expect the same for online discounts.However, a quarter (25%) of men expect an in-store discount of 50% or more, compared to 21% of women.More women (28%) than men (22%) expect an online discount of 50% or more.Email also remains a significant information option, with 38% of consumers preferring to hear of holiday deals that way, compared to 12% via social media.

In even more good news for retailers, price drops during the holiday may not have to be that steep.Request a demo Wizeline delivered an AI powered chatbot that enables us to have real-time interactions with clients to dramatically improve our brand experience.Artificial Intelligence is leading us to rethink how value is created and Wizeline provided a technical team that understands innovative technology and the Wizeline platform accelerated our time to market".The bot offers to connect her directly with an ACME Airlines customer service representative.Sara has returned home to San Francisco and is uploading pictures of her trip on Facebook.

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With holiday shoppers are coming via Alexa and Google Home, online by PC, by mobile on-the-fly, by car or by foot, retailers have to be ready to serve across the board.