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“I can understand they are disappointed but from the outside it looks like a penalty,” said Wenger, who said Ramsey had told him it was a “very strong push”.A man and a woman became embroiled in a bizarre street spat after the man was supposedly thrown out of a pub for apparently admitting that he had sex with a dog.An injury-time penalty from Alexis Sanchez gave Arsenal a 1-0 win at Turf Moor in the Premier League on Sunday to send the Londoners up to fourth place.It was a close affair throughout with Burnley showing exactly why they entered the game level on points with Arsene Wenger's side but it ended in controversy.But there are now different things going on in the world.

I'd have to say it doesn't do anything positive for our football club, of course.

It's amazing what you stumble across.'At the end of the video the woman just storms off back to the pub having made her point and who knows where the guy went.'The crowd who watched it all unfold were just stood there in shock.

I don't think the fella would be welcome back in her company any time soon.' A spokesperson for Lancashire Constabulary said the incident had not been reported to them.

"The safety of players is paramount because times have changed.

"There used to be a time when people got on to a football pitch it was a bit of a joke, a little bit silly.

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A second fan also ran onto the pitch and Dyche admitted he considered intervening himself to stop his players from suffering further attacks.