Robot cybersex chat

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Robot cybersex chat

The basic idea is like IRC: you chat your way through it and use your imagination.

But SL adds another dimension where you and your partner (or partners, lol) can animate your avatars, and watch them do exactly what your imagining.

Even worse than that, Xcite lets you post scripted sex talk in the chat! (Remember when IRC was totally next; now it's sooo busted, lol.) There's a basic confusion about cybersex that Xcite helps to feed.

It breaks my concentration, and spoils the natural flow of the fantasy that me and my partners are creating. I think this Xcite stuff in SL has made alot of ppl lazy about quality cybersex - the old-fashioned kind we knew in IRC.

This is an example of a message from Ashley's bot: .

Ashley Madison was mostly a collection of affairs-seeking men talking to busy female bots who bombarded them with messages to generate more revenue for Ashley Madison, and probably this was exciting enough for many.

Otherwise you might find yourself knockin boots with a furry or a smurf, or worse, getting raped by someone unattractive, lol!

This is a pretty sad way to have cybersex, I think.

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