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For their conquests, the Arabs enlisted indigenous peoples in their armies.

The geographic progress of the language was now from a new direction, from Bukhara to Tabriz, and from Ghazni to Shiraz.Another factor in the evolution of Middle Persian to Persian was the geographical spread of this language in the wake of the Arab conquest.Following the path of the Arab invasion, Persian spread from its own heartlands to Central Asia (Transoxania).Nevertheless, the Persian of the time served as a for these enlisted men.They were to spread this new version in the conquered provinces, from Azerbaijan to Central Asia, to the detriment of other Iranian languages or other dialects of Persian.

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In the context of this article, the term literature is used to refer to the written word skillfully and imaginatively crafted. On the other hand, one of the salient features of classical Persian literature is the way it incorporates well-wrought and eloquent writings by historians and spiritual figures. Another and earlier example, from the 11th century, is the famous by Abu’l-Fażl Moḥammad Bayhaqi (q.v.; d. This is the only extant part of a general history in thirty volumes; it narrates the events of the reign of the second Ghaznavid ruler, with many retrospective glances into past reigns and previous eras.

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