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No credit chat

But it didn't, and no matter how fast she went, she could not outrun the heat of Texas. "You're going to have to pay one way or another, little lady. Now I have a son that can take you, that may be your only option." It was so hot, and she wanted to find that lake and take a swim.

Besides, she wouldn't change her old rusty jeep for anything else. She was raised by nudists that lived in the sandy dunes of Padre Island. Jet black hair, brown eyes, browned skin and strong Hispanic features on a petite, slim frame was embedded with her personality of being a nymph. Or I will have to call the sheriff." "Well, is there a town nearby where I can get cash out?

She kept driving, finding only one rundown gas station. She went in through the doors and looked around the dimly lit interior.

According to Google Maps, there was a lake she could check out.

She went behind a bush into a secluded area, then got on her hands and knees. He had petroleum jelly and was already putting on his penis, she hoped. They were enormous hairy balls much larger than she had ever seen. Now she worried about how much sperm was going to be pumped into her rectum. Can't be that bad." She tried to take his advice, but as the head of his penis pressed into her, it was difficult to relax. The brilliant sun and the heat that beat down on the land around her. Eyes rolled and fluttered, body shuddered, and she felt her own pussy squirt cum. She wasn't sure how much ass-fucking she could endure. She felt hot cum filled her rectum, and it made her cum. But she grabbed that cock and held it, feeling its size in her hand.

She looked down the length of her stomach and hanging tits at him getting on his knees behind her. " She gasped with shame to see a young man her age staring down at her, and turned chili red. Despite the burning shame of being watched by a stranger, she orgasmed with a loud moan. He was blond and tanned, and with intense blue eyes she had always liked best in men. She could see the wheels of ideas turning his in his head. It was too much for her, and she rested her head on her arms and waited for papa to come. She was just trapped there on all fours, her waist held firm, while these men discussed her fate. Her eyes rolled into the back of her head as she was fucked from both ends. Then both men grunted as they came, their bodies shuddering hard. Or my ass." He seemed downcast, and almost turned to leave. She took it in her mouth and began sucking and licking it, getting him harder than ever. Then the boy grabbed her hair, held her head firm, and shoved it all down her throat. But his cum tasted good, and she swallowed all she could as much of splattered into the soft grass below her. She was expecting another pounding, but instead he grunted with sheer ecstasy as he ejaculated into her rectum.

"I want to make sure you are thoroughly lubed so it don't hurt too much." She almost said thank you, but then she realized she was being exploited. He only went deeper a little at a time, and when he did so, she had to bite her arm and taste its saltiness. He was moaning in pleasure while she was groaning in pain. "Well ain't this a sight." The young man's cocky demeanor pissed her off. She then felt a new cock slid into her ass, fleshly lubed, and she found herself pushing back against it.

Barefoot she walked into the shady garden behind the gas station. "Before you change your mind let's get to it." "I agree," she replied. Now get to it." She noticed he was sticking a new finger into the petroleum jelly, then finger her ass with it, going deeper with each violation. And that little anus, mm." She felt something new rubbing her anus next, something softer than fingers with nails, but something larger, too. She had always heard fat guys had small cocks, and she hoped he did, too. He was gentle with her, and pulled out, then pressed in, then out, and then in. She began to breathe faster and groan more, but the big fat man was not relenting. She began to like how his huge cock slid in and out of her rectum slowly. It no longer ached when he bottomed out, and she found herself pushing her ass back as he thrust. They stared down at her being fucked in the ass with obvious lust. "Take a picture, it might last longer," she replied defiantly, breathing hard from cumming. She was frozen in place having a long, quivering orgasm that lasted. Then he got behind her as Tom got up and pulled his pants up.

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He pushed his cock all the way back into her, a hard thrust this time. But everyone calls him Slick, as he looks like Elvis." Then a second young man arrived, and his eyes nearly popped out seeing her being fucked like a dog in the open. A conversation ensued between the boys and their dad. "Can I face-fuck you while pa is getting his rocks off? And now a cock was sliding in and out of her mouth, going deeper down her throat. Orcus's balls slapped her chin as he started pounding her face. "I don't know if I can take that down my throat, Apollo. For once, not having staying power was a good thing.

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