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It looks like one of those pin-art toys that makes a relief of your hand or face pressed into the back of it.

Rozin's adjacent work, "Brushed Metal Mirror" (2010), gives a cruder but more interesting likeness.

Eschewing answers, Born Digital at least provides a platform—and a playground—for these questions.

Most people with Internet access have webcams these days, but did you know that there are real live cams from all over the world that you can watch?

The gigantic "Snow Mirror" (2006) projects a dim, drifting field of dots that change hue enough to render a user's likeness amidst the digital snowfall.

A sculpture presents a hexagonal face with an array of 721 brushed-steel discs, each a little smaller than a beer coaster.

Each disc is on a motorized spindle that quickly spins to orient the grain of its surface to reflect or disperse light, changing its appearance from bright to dark.

The mechanization of "Brushed Metal Mirror" relates to one's physicality in a way that the cold "Snow Mirror" does not.

Taking user movement one better, Scenocosme's "Akousmaflore" (2007) translates touch into sound through an arrangement of six hanging plants.

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Cognitive psychology is a booming field, which doesn't always make it a useful one.

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