How to dress to be intimidating

Posted by / 05-Jul-2017 02:29

Another aspect of body language that is very important is eye contact.When talking to someone we often try to avoid eye contact apart from using small glances.Perhaps then what would be easier, would be to try to that much more confident for real.Let’s take a look then at how you can appear more confident even when you perhaps don’t feel that way for real…

Getting others to dress us is actually very often a smart way to try clothes outside of our normal comfort zone.

Next time you’re in conversation then, think of it as a small ‘battle’ wherein you aren’t going to break eye contact until the other person does.

You’ll find that they do it soon enough so that you don’t have to, and as long as you smile and blink it won’t come off as ‘creepy’.

But that is where the problem lies: it’s simply not that easy to just ‘become’ more confident.

If it was, then probably none of us would have low confidence in the first place…

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Nevertheless though, if you wear something that is out of your usual comfort zone and that draws attention, then you can be sure that people will think you’re more confident than perhaps you are.