Dating someone with overindulged kids

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Dating someone with overindulged kids

Five minutes of inattention on my part and my toddler's drinking bleach and bathing in the toilet.

Both give sloppy kisses, but only one lisps, "I wuv you, mommy." Potty training's more of a milestone.

Music, drawing, or writing can often help kids express their emotions and escape through a fantasy world of their own design.

Kids also may need reminders that they're not responsible for the illness.

If I failed in my duties, I'm not facing a chewed-up family heirloom; I'm looking at a dead kid and a DSS inquiry. Pet ownership is a serious commitment that should only be taken up by those who really mean to care for an animal for the rest of it's natural life. But it's not quite as simple as plunking my credit card down at the kennel. Yes, your dog lives in your house, and yes, you love it.

But your attention is not focused on the dog every moment it's awake.

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I don't have to follow them from room to room, but it helps.

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