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Regards, Martin (isologue) Just so I understand, The nickle cased versions were the 'standard' issue.... but mine appears more of a 'special order' from the commercial sector... I haven't seen a silver cased example before but the markings on your watch look convincing to me, ie they are consistent in size and style with other issue markings of the time.but mine appears more of a 'special order' from the commercial sector... The WWI British military issued watches more normally seen are those listed in ZMW's and KK's books - nickel cased, 15 jewel movements, with distinctive formatted alphanumeric issue numbers.cheers, -John Hi, I've collected british military equipment for a very long time, usually a stamp with two arrows faceing each other is/was the british army cancellation mark.cheers, -John What strikes me as interesting about WWI watches with British Army markings is that most show this very crude broad arrow mark when the numbers have been carefully engraved - indeed one strand of issued trench watch has numbers but no arrow at all.The white enamel dial is in excellent condition, it has the hours in Roman numerals and a sub seconds dial at six o'clock. The good quality Waltham movement is in excellent working order.It is signed by the maker and has a lovely damaskeened finish.

all the ones shown by Ziggy (which I realise is not all military watches) have a letter and shorter serial number.... The arrow should be stamped and made up of three separate 'strikes'.The 9 carat solid gold hunter case is English made by the Dennison Watch Case Company.It is hallmarked with the maker's mark "ALD" for A L Dennison, "9" and ".375" for 9 carat gold, the Birmingham "anchor" town mark and date letter "E" for 1929/30.(The "movement" is also sometimes called the "watch works".) Important!How to Open a Watch Case While opening a watch isn't rocket science, a watch can be damaged if you try to open it incorrectly. I find using my finger nail to be quite effective and it is soft enough to not scratch a watch case.

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