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Those religious radicals were not as the subsequent occultist grapevine chose to depict them some three centuries later (Shepherd, Some Philosophical Critiques and Appraisals, 2004, pp. An enthusiast report states that Peter Caddy came “under the tutelage of one Dr. Sullivan left the Theosophical Society along with Mabel Besant-Scott (the daughter of Annie Besant), who failed to succeed her mother as leader in the status stakes.

Rutterby was a Spiritualist medium and “healer” who claimed to transmit messages from a spirit guide named Silver Deer.

About 1935 Sullivan moved to Christchurch (Dorset), and in 1938 he tried to gain more subscribers for his eccentric project by opening a private theatre, teaching his form of Theosophy via drama. One report strongly indicates that in his later years, Caddy believed himself to be the successor to Sullivan as “Rosicrucian Master” (R. Castro, Hypocrisy and Dissent within the Findhorn Foundation, 1996, p. During the Second World War, Peter Caddy served as a catering officer in the RAF.

He finally staged “vaudeville and musical comedy in a last desperate attempt to attract audiences” (R. The misleading ideas about Bacon in these circles doubtless serve to explain references to that British philosopher in “channelling” lore attendant upon the early 1970s lectures of David Spangler at Findhorn (cf. Akhurst, My Life and the Findhorn Community, 1992, p. Afterwards, while stationed in Iraq, he met Eileen Combe (later Caddy), whose first husband was also a RAF officer.

Her flat in Pimlico was the venue for a small early 1950s circle entertaining “esoteric” influences that were surfacing in middle class sectors.

The jargon of Sheena’s group included usage of the confusing phrase “new age” that was chiefly associated with Alice Bailey (1880–1949), whose Arcane School elevated the elusive Tibetan Djwal Khul in a rather Theosophical manner.

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“Her husband became obsessed by Moral Rearmament and imposed its disciplines on her, which she found increasingly restrictive” (Times online).

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