Andrea mitchell is dating who

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Andrea mitchell is dating who

What’s funny, is that the two are actually besties off-camera, too!

They are not only featured in each other’s social media, but there are also several pictures of them being chummy behind the scenes of PLL.

Mitchell went public with their romance when they were spotted on a romantic date in a West Hollywood restaurant.

He celebrated the Canadian actress’ 27th birthday with her co-stars, where he made a toast to her.

Many Canadians would remember him as a VJ on Much Music a few years ago.

The two look super cozy in their selfies together, and Mitchell loves posting them on social media. We wonder if there was an awkward encounter when Babel and Mitchell went to Drake’s birthday party last year. We’re really, really awesome friends.” Nevertheless, they continue to show their love for each other on Instagram.

Mitchell tweeted a flirty photo of herself in 2013 with Artist, which set off dating rumors.

She even shared a photograph of them at Disneyland together! Her co-star, Keegan Allen and more friends were there, too.

In the end, these rumors seemed to be just that; Allen played Toby Cavanaugh in PLL, who was one of Emily Fields’ (Mitchell) best friends.

After being largely silenced for decades by many in the mainstream media, one woman who accused former President Clinton of rape and sexual abuse is demanding one particular reporter apologize to her.

During her radio interview Sunday with Breitbart’s Aaron Klein, Juanita Broaddrick said NBC News anchor Andrea Mitchell “very definitely” owes her an apology after the liberal reporter claimed Broaddrick’s highly credible accusations of sexual assault against Clinton had been discredited.

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She shared several selfies with Matte Babel on Snapchat, leading her fans to believe that they could be dating.

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  1. My experience finally proved to me everything that’s wrong with dating apps. I remember one woman I had a drink with that clearly curated photos from years prior and possibly used filters and angles to present herself in a better, more attractive light.